Addenbrooke Park

Southeast entrance of Addenbrooke Park at West Center Ave. & Garrison St

Addenbrooke Park was the home of the same family for more than 100 years. John Everitt came to the Denver area in 1868-69 with his parents. He staked claims to land south of Alameda Ave. between Garrison and Kipling Streets in 1876. He constructed a house of 12′ x 14′ canvas framework. The roof was made of tins that Chinese merchants used to ship tea. John Everitt’s grandson, Tom, and his mother, Lura Addenbrooke, built the house that contained the fireplace. Tom was a geologist and a gemologist. He built the fireplace with rocks from every state and some from foreign countries. He also used Native American artifacts found on the property. The City of Lakewood bought 105 acres of the property in 1978. They bought 5 additional acres, including the Addenbrooke house, in 1987. The house was torn down in 1997; only the fireplace and a windmill located nearby remain today.



  1. We live at the intersection of Mississippi and Wadsworth, near the area and I would also like to see early pictures of the area, house, family, anything that might be available. We have a spirit on film and I’m doing some research to find out who this young girl might be.

  2. I’d love to see early pics too. I lived just down the street from the Addenbrooke house in the 70’s. I even took my little sister right up the the Addenbrooke house during trick-or-treating one year. I was also there when the barn burned down. Such a tragic night. That beautiful old barn was a historic landmark, just like the windmill. I’m glad to see the windmill stll survives. Also glad to know the historic fireplace also survives.

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