Hill Section – Golden Hill Cemetary

12000 W. Colfax

The Hill Section of Golden Hill Cemetery is located near the intersection of W. Colfax Ave. and Union St., on a hill that slopes downward from W. Colfax Ave. The West Side Benevolent Society purchased the Golden Hill Cemetery in 1908. It basically served as a burial ground for the many Jewish tuberculosis patients who came to Colorado for a cure. Most were patients from the Jewish Consumptive Relief Society (JCRS) which was located near Colfax and Pierce Streets. The Hill section was set aside for indigents whose families were unable to afford proper burials. The entrance to the Hill section is marked by a lynch gate at the eastern end of the cemetery. There were approximately 700 graves identified by metal markers with the names of the deceased written on cards that were inserted into the markers. According to Jewish law, men and women were buried separately. Over the years, the Hill section was neglected and fell into disrepair compared to the rest of the cemetery, which was well manicured. Recently, there have been efforts to improve the section’s appearance. The Hill Section has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places. It represents the efforts of the Jewish community to provide a dignified burial site for its poorer members.

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