Mercy Grove

1980 Garland St.

Mercy Grove, also known as Blue Manor because of the roof made of blue shingles, was built in 1935 for Fred J. Gall. The home also had blue awnings on three sides of the white wooden clapboard house. The architecture is pre-WWII Modern Movement. In 1946, the Sisters of Mercy purchased the home from Ralph and Harriet Fry. At that time, the structure was remodeled in the Minimal Traditional style. The renovation included the building of a small chapel on the first floor. The home was used by the nuns as a “rest home for Sisters to spend a week or two communing with nature and gathering strength to carry on the hard work for God and humanity.” The sisters sold apples by the roadside from orchards located on the property. They would also have picnics in the orchards. The sisters sold the house to Fred and Katherine Dewey in 1987. ┬áDavid and Meshelle McKendry now own it.


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