Panoramic Park

12655 W. Colfax Ave.

Panoramic Park is owned jointly by the City of Lakewood and the Colorado Department of Transportation. Two monuments, the Blue Star Memorial Highway and the Abbie Dunston Roadside Park, are located in the park. Both monuments were dedicated June 5, 1961, and they were subsequently vandalized. They were replaced and re-dedicated August 8, 1985. The Blue Star project was the offspring of a New Jersey garden club that desired to honor WWII veterans. The club proposed a network of memorials along the nation’s highways that would beautify the landscape with plants and trees. Colorado was the first state to sign up for the project, and Ruby Neal was in charge of the Blue Star memorials throughout Colorado for 25 years. The Abbie Dunston Roadside Park was named after a gardener who planted and maintained flowers along the roadside. Abbie’s husband, Harry, hauled water to the site to sustain the flowers. Panoramic Park is significant in that it commemorates people who have made historical contributions to the area.

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