Washington Heights School

6375 W. First Ave.

The Washington Heights School was built in 1898 on land given to the school district by Thomas M. Patterson. The architecture is Vernacular Masonry with Colonial Revival elements. Additions were made to the structure in 1911-1912 and 1920. Teachers in the early days of the school’s operation were paid a monthly salary of $30 – $80. There was no principal at the school, so troublemakers were sent to Lakewood Elementary School to be disciplined. The O’Kanes and the O’Briens were pioneer families in the area whose children attended the school. Washington Heights School operated until 1968, and it has the distinction of being the oldest continuously operating school in Jefferson County. The school is now owned by the City of Lakewood, and it now serves as a center for arts and crafts classes. It has been placed on the Colorado State Register of Historic Properties.

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