Lakewood, Colorado is a young city, having been incorporated in 1969, but it has a history going back to the 1800s along with the remainder of the Denver metropolitan area.

The Lakewood Historical Society, celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, has a great story to save and we are very busy doing just that!! A quarterly Journal and as-needed Newsletter keep the membership up to date on what is being done and how they can help. They are filed at the Denver Public Library, Western History Division. They can also be found on a link of the Lakewood Historical Society’s website.

One “thing leads to another” seems to occur when dealing with the planned as well as the un-planned of the past. The Society’s website has much information on it but there is always someone to help if you have questions.

Oral histories have been recorded for years in Lakewood and just last year the Jefferson County Public Library added them to theirs, digitized them and put them on line. It is an ongoing program with histories from outstanding residents from all of Jefferson County.

The Register of Historic Landmarks in Lakewood was started in 2005 with a Stone House built in 1860 along with a private home, the Cason Howell House, built in 1874 and numerous other buildings added over the years. The Society’s Register is based on the guidelines used by the National and State of Colorado Registers. There are 22 on the Register so far and numerous others that would qualify. The documents are displayed on a wall in the conference room of the Cason Howell House.

The Dennis Vanderhoof Lakewood History Essay Contest was begun in 2013. Mr.Vanderhoof, a member left the Society an annual gift of $2,000 in his will. Since he was a high school history teacher, it seemed appropriate to use the money for awards in a contest for youth and adults that would bring to light many stories about the history of Lakewood. A great incentive for people to write!

The annual dinner in November gives members the opportunity to hear a full report on projects of the year and recognition of individuals who have made a difference during that time. The speaker this year will be Polly Letofsky who walked around the world to aid in the research and treatment of breast cancer. She will certainly inspire us with her incredible feat as we begin the next 40 years.

Tours, lectures, round tables and presence at public functions give the Society opportunities to engage people in its work of saving history and at the same time making it.

Doesn’t all this history-driven activity make you want to join this Society devoted to saving the history of our very special city? Select your category and send in your check!!

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